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If you are tired of the  loosing and gaining weight cycle, you are on the right webpage!  I have the right diet to suit your needs, whether you have diabetes, high cholesterol, insulin intolerance or even if you just want to shed a few extra kilos.

I have been assisting others in loosing those unwanted kilos since 2010. After my son was born I also needed to lose 35 kg. It was a daunting task, I have always struggled to keep a healthy weight and tried many, many diets. I was tired of spending money and always ending up with the same result. Weight loss, followed by a weight gain straight after completing the diet.  I am proud to say that I am now at a healthy weight! There was no quick fix, just a healthy eating plan! I have done it, are you ready to change your life forever?

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Jan 2011 Weight 108kg
Jan 2012 Weight 82kg
Jan 2013 Weight 73kg
Nov 2014 Weight 73kg
Total:  Weight Lost 35 kg
June 2013
Weight 148kg
Sept 2014
Weight 93.8kg
Total:  Weight Lost 54.2 kg
and still going strong
Feb 2014
Weight 96.8kg
Sept 2014
Weight 87.6kg
Total:  Weight Lost 9.2 kg
and still going strong
Feb 2012
Weight 117.7kg
Oct 2014
Weight 104.4kg
Total:  Weight Lost 13.3 kg
and still going strong
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Total Weight Lost in 12 months 55 kg